Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Assault

November 16th, afternoon in the year 670 by Kingdom reckoning

You continue along the tree-line, hoping to stay hidden until the last possible moment. You make it 25 feet, to within 30 feet of the dark woods and then the unthinkable happens: Shade stumbles and as he reaches out to steady himself he lets out a grunt. You all pause, breathless, and listen. Your heart sinks into your stomach as you hear a voice call out "they're over here!" and moments later another replies, "I think I see one!"

Please roll initiative.

(This is the map of the whole camp, which of course you can't see yet. The path wanders along and is squeezed between the dense rocks and scree of the foot of the hill on the right and the dense forest on the left of the map.)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Into the Heart of Minx's Lair

November 16th, afternoon in the year 670 by Kingdom reckoning

The battle is over. You stop and look around, worried that the noise of your fight has alerted someone but a tense moment later and you hear no horns of battle nor horses.

The big bearded man carried a fine halberd and wore chain mail, he also carried 1 gp, 15 sp and a small ruby in a pouch on his belt. In his shirt pocket you find 6 fine cigars.

The other bandits carried short bows, short swords and wore leather armor. All told you find another 10 gp, 2 sp in random coins on their persons.

For the encounter you receive 350 xp total for the party.

(Looting the bodies takes perhaps 5 minutes if everyone helps so we'll begin play 5 minutes after the battle and I'll have you post your further actions.)