Monday, December 17, 2012

Returning to Bremel

August 29, in the year 670 by Kingdom reckoning. Approximately 4:00 PM

Words are said and the body of Kheldru A'dune is returned to his ancestors. Draymun thinks it a fitting burial for a dwarf: being cremated underground.

Dwos, you feel a tingling sensation at the nape of your neck but as much as you look around, you see nothing. During the rest of the day, the sensation diminishes until you convince yourself it has gone.

As you leave the dungeon, Caris and Dwos stop short and look around. The scenery has changed. There are mountains to the West and you are in a forest. This isn't the same place you entered a century ago.

The trip back to Bremel is easy enough. You spend the first hour walking on unmarked trails through the wilderness but as the trees thin, you pick up the main southern road into town and the going is easier. You pass a few carts, laden with the last of the summer produce, bound for the market. The peasants give you a wide berth. All together, you walk at a leisurely pace for about 4 hours.

Those familiar with the village of Bremel find it much the same as they left it.

You are at the southern gate of Bremel. What would you like to do?