Monday, February 9, 2015

Continuing the Goblin Fight

What has occurred

During the second watch, Twiggy and Thor heard a rustling. Thor awakens the sleeping members of the party and everyone prepares for combat. Twiggy climbs a tree and casts Grease as Shade's improvised alarm system goes off and is silenced. Shade confuses the goblins by speaking in their tongue and the goblins to the north begin to fight among themselves. Low, guttural voices are heard among the higher goblin voices you're familiar with. Rayla calls a fog into the clearing and hides behind the tree Twiggy is in. Goblins to the northeast begin to fire at the party. Twiggy senses something amiss and climbs down from the tree an instant before it is struck by magical lightning. The goblins to the north continue to fight while the goblins to the northeast fire more arrows, striking the party. Shade moves toward the northeast and lights a lantern, threatening the goblins. Draymun and Kumo move silently through a copse of trees and Draymun calls riding dogs near the goblins. The dogs find and attack several goblins and the goblins return the attack. The goblins to the north have regained control and begin firing arrows at the party. Shade lets loose a color spray into the trees, two goblins and a dog are affected. Lightning strikes shade. Thor, Tom and Twiggy move to the northeast to bolster Shade. Draymun casts entangle and his dogs strike another blow.


You smell the stench of worn leathers and fresh blood.

You hear goblins moaning in pain and a dog whining.

Your skin crawls at the slithering voice of the mysterious caster.

Your hair stands up on end.

The next round

Initiative for the round: Goblins 17 vs. Shade 2

Lightning cracks again and Shade is struck with another blinding bolt for 10 points of damage (Reflex save 7+1=8 vs. DC 16, 3d6 for 5+4+1 = 10 damage). The sonic boom rattles the bones of the party members standing around him but they are uninjured. A riding dog yelps in pain from the forest. Those who speak goblin hear curses and goblins trying in vain to crash through the thick, tangling growth of Draymun's spell. The evil laughter continues.

4 arrows fly out of the woods to the north (around 25.06 and 26.02) but the fog, dark and distance do their job and only one arrow hits Thor dealing 3 points of damage (attack roll 20, critical not confirmed). Behind the arrows, however comes a more distressing sight. First you hear a roar and then out of the fog charge three stout, grey-skinned creatures. Two wield battle axes and one a shield and longsword. They are all wearing studded leather armor.

Two attack Thor, the one carrying a shield (stopping at 29.09) swings his longsword and hits Thorvald for 8 points of damage (19 + 2 charge + 4 = 25, critical not confirmed) and the one carrying a greataxe deals 9 points of damage (14 + 2 charge + 4 = 20.) They are both -2 AC until their next turn.

The third creature, wielding a battleaxe runs past Kumo who is hidden in the brush and Kumo swipes at him as he passes, dealing 2 points of damage. The creature is startled and swings his axe wide at Twiggy and hits his companion standing in 29.09 dealing 3 points of damage.

The three new creatures, standing slightly shorter than a man but rippling with muscle and glaring at the party with beady black eyes, are in hexes 29.09, 29.09 and 30.10. The one in 29.09 carries a shield, the other two two-handed axes.

(Draymun and Rayla, please check the duration of Entangle, the Riding Dogs and Fog, respectively, and let me know when they're done. Twiggy's grease spell is still active and is 26.10 and 26.11 based on it being cast "between the camp and the rustling noise.")