Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Outside the Dungeon

Early morning, July 31 by Kingdom Reckoning

You exit the dungeon after a short rest in one of the vestibules on the stairs out of the place. Twiggy's password again works to open the ground up and you exit into the fresh air, feeling happy to be in the wide world again.

You begin to make your way north and east, back toward the mountains, with your original plan of skirting North and rounding the range back to Bremel. Kumo and Draymun and Tom all spread out in front of the party, looking for a trail, looking for water, looking for civilization, looking for the horses. You trudge 10 miles through sand up to your ankles and scrub brush that cuts at your hands. By 5 pm the party is exhausted and you begin looking for a decent place to camp but before you decide on a spot, you see at a distance of 200 feet, a group of horses and riders, back lit by the setting sun.