Monday, November 26, 2012

Underground, After the Fall of Kheldru A'Dune

August 29, in the year 670 by Kingdom reckoning. Approximately 11:00 AM

Since you guys are discussing your options, unless someone has a problem with it, I'm going to assume the party has regrouped in the room that was formerly covered in webs. The room that you entered through a long, webbed hallway. The room with a hole in the floor and another exit that is currently unexplored.

The options before the party are:

1. Leave.
2. Continue on in the spider's lair, either by climbing up the hole in the ceiling or by exploring one of the two natural tunnels out of the black widow's warren.
3. Continue down the hallway from the room you are currently in.
4. Return to the dark, descending hallway past the vault where you found Caris and Dwos.
5. Continue north from the intersection Kring and Tom discovered.
6. Something else I haven't though of.

As far as book-keeping goes, I need someone to keep track of the party's loot and either split it up to be carried or designate a treasure-hauler.

Further, as you are chatting and arguing about your future course, Dwos has the unmistakable sense that you are all being watched.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Underground, The Webbed Hall

August 29, in the year 670 by Kingdom reckoning. Approximately 10:30 AM

The party encounters no trouble making its way back to the intersection discovered by Tom and Kring. As Caris turns left and down the webbed hallway she catches a whiff of fresh air coming through the open door in the foyer.

No traps present themselves to Caris' searching eyes as the party makes its way slowly down the hallway. The webs are thick and growing thicker and while the Dwarves are mostly spared, the taller members of the party are constantly stopping to wipe clumps of web out of their eyes and hair. More than once Tom's torch catches a wisp of web on fire and the husks of dead bugs break the silence, crackling in the heat.

After 30 feet, the webs have grown almost thick enough to obscure all vision beyond 10 feet. Caris walks with one hand on the wall and swipes her short sword ahead of her to cut through the thickening cloak of webs. At 40 feet from the intersection, Caris stops short as the wall stops and the hallway opens into what you assume to be a room. However, the webs are so thick and choking, you can only currently see 5 feet ahead of you in any direction. 

There is no sound to be heard except a scuttling at the edge of your hearing. It may be your imagination playing tricks on you. 

Draymun cringes as a small, shiny black spider drops from the ceiling onto the back of Krings neck.

What will the party do?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Underground, The Party Consults

August 29, in the year 670 by Kingdom reckoning. Approximately 10:00 AM

After their more or less separate scouting ventures, the party meets up outside the door of the vault. Tom carries a lit torch. Kheldru and Draymun catch Tom and Kring up on their activities and Tom and Kring do the same.

Inside the vault, the two figures remain static. There is no sound but what the party makes. Peering down the unexplored hall one sees only darkness.

Use this post for discussion and when you're ready, let me know what you want to do.