Monday, December 5, 2016


November 14th in the year 720 by Kingdom Reckoning

The city of Ashmont is abuzz with the anticipation of the Festival of Homecoming. The Festival celebrates heroes returning from war and culminates in a grand feast. People journey to the capital to carouse and sing songs of remembrance and for a fortnight the city is alight with bonfires traditionally lit to lead the way home. The Last Great War ended 200 years ago so the people are especially excited. 

The air is cold and crisp as you step out onto the street. Small flakes of snow fall and lend an ethereal quality to the air. There are great bonfires lit up and down the wide boulevard that the people of Ashmont call Heroes Lane and you choose one to approach. As you draw closer, a female bard begins to pluck a lute and sing a song. The tune is familiar but the words are foreign to you. The same can not be said of the people standing around the fire and they immediately join in and shout the chorus; a rousing tale of champions fighting old battles against long-dead foes.

After things settle down you move closer to the fire and enjoy the crackling warmth on your face. The heat is almost overwhelming but after being in the cold for so long it feels good. You find yourself wishing you could have both sides near the fire at the same time but you settle for warming your hands. You look around at the gathered crowd and you pick out some familiar faces and some unknown ones. Everyone seems happy to be there. Someone is passing a small flask of hot cinnamon liquer.

(Now is your chance to introduce your character and perhaps strike up a conversation. Feel free to ask any questions about what you see or who is there.)