Friday, August 10, 2012

The City of Bremel

August 29, in the year 670 by Kingdom reckoning

Bremel is an old town, even for the Kingdom. It was founded nearly 500 years ago when gold and kyanite were found in the nearby hills. Bremel is the last trading post before the wilds of the mountains and the population is more than used to get-rich-quick schemers and adventurers who never return from the mountains. As such, the citizens of Bremel have developed a stand-offish attitude toward each other. After all, in the frontier, it's just easier not to get attached.

There is a single road through Bremel, coming from the capital city of Ashmont to the northeast and leading out of town straight south toward the Expanse and eventually, the sea.

Interesting spots about town:

The Worg's Nest is the dirtiest, meanest tavern in town. Run by a barely civilised half orc female named Gretch.

Cryptic's Den-The Elf who calls himself Cryptic runs an underground magic ring that offers scrying, fortune-telling and seances. If you get caught dabbling in the affairs of the dead or spying on the wrong people, you'll be facing some powerful wizards with powerful agendas.

The Church of Torag is the oldest building in town. As soon as the city was founded, Dwarven missionaries built the Church in hopes of converting the miners. The architecture and gold inlay is a sight to be seen and blessings are to be had by stout adventurers who further the goals of the Church.

You have all been called to the bedside of an ancient dwarf name Euri who you are each acquainted with in your own way. He tells you that he is dying and wants to tell you a story from his youth. He was hunting with his brother and they stumbled upon an old stone staircase opening out of the ground. They ventured into the depths and found rooms, carved into solid stone, that held all sorts of treasure and wondrous items. They found one room to be covered with a thin green mold and when his brother, Rahti, touched it he began to spasm and shake. Euri, fearing for his life, dropped the loot he was carrying and ran out of the dungeon. When he regained his courage and went back for his brother, the staircase was gone. He has spent the last century of his life visiting the site, waiting for the staircase to re-appear. He is convinced that the staircase will open today, a century after it closed on his brother. Now that he is too old to venture back into the depths, he begs you to go and return with the bones of his brother. He assures you that the treasures you find will more than compensate you for the danger you face.

You will all start together in the forest west of town, looking down a dark and ancient stairway completely overgrown with ivy and moss. Please post your character introduction and tell me what you'd like to do.