Thursday, July 31, 2014

Goblins. Again.

2 am, August 8 by Kingdom Reckoning

The sounds of struggle continue to your north but it seems as if the number of combatants is narrowing. Battle cries in a deep voice mingle with shouts and yips of smaller creatures.

From the east, a volley of arrows flies. Thor is hit twice, taking 7 points of damage and two fly over Twiggy's head. Rayla is also hit once for 2 points of damage. 

You grip your weapons, pluck the strings of your bows and begin to chant the first few words of your spells, preparing for the battle to come when a brilliant flash of lightning splits the sky and crashes into the tree where Twiggy was perched. The light momentarily blinds you and the immediate crash of thunder is enough to rattle your teeth. The tree cracks and begins to burn.

There are still no visible threats. It is the party's turn. (We're in initiative order so please restrict yourselves to the normal move/action or two moves.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Clearing in the Woods

Evening, August 8 by Kingdom Reckoning

After the encounter with the halflings and the mad dwarf, the party makes its way swiftly around the horn of the mountains and into the forest. Travel slows considerably once the forest deepens and at times you must dismount your horses to get through the dense brush. On the evening of the 8th day on the trail you come across a clearing in the woods with a small stream flowing through it. It seems familiar to some of you...