Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rook, Human Fighter

I want to play a human fighter named Rook. My concept is something like a man-at-arms who decided that simply defending the city isn't enough, he wants to go out into the world and confront evil.

I know I want to play a strong, defensive type character so I assign my point buy like so:

Str 16
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 8
Wis 10
Cha 10

I had to sacrifice a little intellect to get my Dex where I wanted it so I assume that my character had little formal education. He is of average charisma so I know he's a plain fellow and his wisdom is average so I know he is neither rash and impetuous nor an "old-soul."

Now I run the character through the Background Generator. I learn the following:

His father was the village warlock and as such Rook is in posession of a random 1st level druid spell that I determine to be Aspect of the Falcon. This perhaps informs my character conept. I might determine that he learned the spell from his father and perfected the technique on long days in the watchtower of his village.

I also learn that he has experience sailing small vessels, he is missing a toe on his left foot, his family doesn't expect much of him, he can tell what time of day it is when outdoors, he is succeptible to colds, he has trouble judging distances and he has trouble with responsibilities.

All of this, in addition to any mechanical effects, paints a vivid picture in my mind of a man who is an outdoorsman. Perhaps spent some time sailing and might have some vision loss as a result of staring at the sun too long. Maybe he jumps from profession to profession because of his trouble with responsibility and that's why his family looks down on him. My mind connects the dots in a number of ways and the result is a rich, multi-faceted character concept.

Rook is in posession of 170 gp so I know I can buy armor, a sword and sheild as well as some basic provisions.


Scale Mail - 50 gp
Bastard Sword - 35 gp
Heavy Steel Shield - 20 gp

This leaves 45 gp for a tent, bedroll, iron rations, torches, flint and steel etc. which I will include on my character blog.

I calculate my modifiers:

Str 16 3
Dex 12 1
Con 14 2
Int 8  -1
Wis 10 0
Cha 10 0

I open up the fighter page on the website or in the book and find my starting stats.

I get a feat at first level, I get a feat as a human and I get a bonus feat as a fighter. I want him to be a shield fighter with a bastard sword so he can be flexible in combat, using a sword and shield or a two handed weapon. So I spend my feats as such:

1. Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword which allows me use of the weapon without penalties
2. Shield Focus which adds +1 to my AC with a shield and opens up other possibilities later
3. Weapon Focus: Bastard Sword which gives me +1 to my attacks

Base Attack Bonus 1
Melee to Hit: 1 + Str + weapon focus = 5
Ranged to Hit: 1 + 1 = 2
Fort Save 2 + Con = 4
Reflex Save 0 + Dex = 1
Will Save 0 + Wis = 0

I choose only 1 skill, since Rook is an outside type of guy and since strength is my highest attribute, I chose Climb.

For Rook's village of origin I choose Slaketon since it's near water and add the relevant information to my character sheet.

Now for the character created elements. I want to focus on his time as a drifter so I work with party members either from Slaketon or who are also wanderers to form bonds. I might have been on a fishing vessel with one or I might have needed one to heal me sometime.

For the positive relationship with an NPC I choose the guard captain of Slaketon. Rook worked for him and despite moving on, the guard captain is still available for advice and assistance.

For the negative relationship I choose Rook's father. He disapproves of Rook's use of forged weapons and his reckless abandon of his home village.

For a location I choose the Wicked Wench, a tavern in Slaketon.

I would encourage you to put the relevant information in seperate sections on your blog. One post for background and story and NPC relationships. One page for equipment and loot and xp. One page for all of your stats and calculations and a final post with just relevant information like melee and ranged "to hit", your AC, your current HP, your spells etc.

Rook, Human Fighter


Melee Attack: Bastard Sword (one-handed) - 1d20+5 to hit, 1d10 + 3 damage
Melee Attack: Bastard Sword (two-handed) - 1d20+5 to hit, 1d10 + 5 damage
Ranged Attack: Sling - 1d20 + 2 to hit, 1d4 + 3 damage

AC = 10 + 5 (armor) + 1 (Dex) + 2 (shield) = 18
Flat footed AC = 17
Touch AC = 11
Fort Save: 4
Reflex Save: 1
Will Save: 0

Speed: 20 (due to medium armor)


Trained: Climb = d2-+7


Str based modifier: 3
Dex based skill modifier: 1
Con based skill modifier: 2
Int based skill modifier: -1 (note knowledge skills can not be used untrained)
Wis based skill modifier: 0
Cha based skill modifier: 0


Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword
Shield Focus
Weapon Focus: Bastard Sword


Scale Mail
30 lbs
Heavy Steel Shield
Bastard Sword
Tent, Small
10 Torches
Traveler’s Outfit
2 sacks
Common Dungeoneering Kit
37 gp, 6 sp

Carrying capacity: 77-153 Medium Load


  1. I love this character generation process. It makes a lot more sense to me. As usual, a few questions for clarification:

    1. *We* don't use the background generator - you do that. Correct?
    2. We won't know how much gold we get and what equipment we can buy until after you assign us the amount. Correct?
    3. We can't create a relationship with 2 other party members before we know what everyone's playing. Correct?
    4. Are you sure you guys still want me to play??? :P

    1. 1. Correct, I included it just so you could have an idea of what the possibilities are.
      2. Correct, but as soon as I have your stats, class and race, I can quite quickly generate all of your background.
      3. That is correct, hopefully you can find enough common ground to begin forming links soon even if the character isn't fully fleshed out.
      4. Most definitely.

    2. If I had to choose to play with you, Natalie or a kick in the head, I would choose you 99 times out of 100. :)

    3. LOL you guys crack me up! I needed that today. The earth is trying to kill my family. My father lives in St. Augustine and weathered Hurricane Matthew while I bit off all my fingernails. Last night my sister (who lives in Wellington, New Zealand) was fighting with a 7.8 earthquake and a mandatory tsunami evacuation. So, yeah, I can use the giggles.

      Also, I got a really cool app that helps me keep track of my character & even generates character sheets. If you guys have one you like that automates a bunch of stuff, I'd love to hear your recommendations.

  2. For example: http://pathbuilder.x10host.com/fluid.php?id=1398

    I haven't gotten my feats & skills inputted but otherwise numbers match my automated Pathfinder spreadsheet.